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Star Trek XI is Alternate Universe Crap. But a good standalone movie May 8, 2009

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Star Trek XI, from a pure action, character and standalone plot point of view is one the top three Star Trek movies ever.

But Star Trek isn’t about standalone plots and that’s why this movie was so bitterly dissapointing. The whole thing is an alternate reality. So that means the 40 years of Star Trek history that we all know and love is thrown out the windows.

That’s BOGUS.

That aside there are some great things in Star Trek XI both Spock’s are great. Uhura’s relationship with Spock is cool. Kirk is a great character as is his dad. Nero is excellent as is Captain Pike.

The best scene for me was the Kobyashi Meru – that was brilliant. We first heard about how Kirk cheated the simulator in Star Trek II and now 30 years later we get to see how he actually did it and it WAS AWESOME.

The ship itself was a little lame.

Engineering is just a bunch of pipes and knobs, no warp core to speak off, which again is TOTALLY BOGUS.

But the jump to warp speed was cool and the ship’s displays and alert systems are all neat too.

Overall a mixed bag, but mostly positive and we’re likely to see this movie again and again and again. No this isn’t as good as Star Trek II but it’s easily a whole lot better than Nemesis, Search for spock and Final Frontier.


1. stephen - August 2, 2009

I thought the film itself was very very poor.. completely relied on special effects and had a plot so thin Chuck Noris would be proud.

2. Fanbouy - August 3, 2009

This movie was full of plot holes and inconsistencys that made me want to end my life with a klingon disruptor. I would have loved to have gotten busy with the green woman

3. trek fan who cant spell or type - December 18, 2009

watched it again on dvd, and thought it was a good stand alone movie but its not trek is it. Engineering was a joke, since when was scotty comedy relief, zachery quintos spock is over rated, and karl urbans mccoy underrated. Now for my biggest rant. this new timeline is doomed and the timeline we know will be restored? How you ask, well a romulan vessel destroyed vulcan, now surly the displaced vulcans would want some revenge, or justice. So section 31 of time play on the anti romulan feeling in the federation, and orchastrate a autrocity that unites the federation and klingons into declaring war on romulus. They win no more romulan empire. So the massacre of khitomer never happend so worf was never adopted by the rozenkhos, and thus never joined star fleet, narenda3 never got attacked by the romulans so the enterprise c never got destroyed, and did not create the sela paradox, so she could not instigate the klingon civil war. Also since their is no romulan empire, the federation developed cloaking technology, so did not have to strike a deal with the romulans to equip the defiant with one to spy on dominion. The joint tal shiar and obsidian order attack on the founders worlds did not happen as their is no tal shiar, the obsidian order destroyed the civilian movement on cardassia so they never took over and triggered the war with the klingons, dukat still negoiated the alliance between cardassia and the dominion. Since tain never led a attack on thefounders homeworld bashiris on his own and is powerless to stop his replacment blowing up the bajoran sun wiping out ds9 and the defiant. The dominion invades, they get reinforcements with no interference from the profits as siko died, the alpha quadrant is conquered as the cardassians were never shunned so damar never rebelled, and with no romulan empire to trick the federation and klingons are conquered. So in a dominion controlled alpha quadrant, the founders and vorta restrict travel, so spock could not go on his mercy run to try and stop the romulan star going nova, it goes nova, nero does not go back in time and mess up 40 years of established continuity.timeline restored. The end of my rant.

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