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Riese coming to SyFy in new Riese: Kingdom Falling Steampunk makes the jump from web to TV October 13, 2010

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A webisode based series can make the jump to TV. Just ask the producers of the steampunk phenomenon Riese.

SyFy will begin airing Riese:Kingdom Falling on October 26th

““We saw Riese and thought they had done just an amazing job, and then we were able to give them some resources and bring Amanda on board to really help them take the series to the next level,” Craig Engler, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Syfy Digital said in a statement. ” I think new and existing fans will love the relaunch of the series on Syfy.com and enjoy all the new additions.”

Eleysia is a dying kingdom where resources are dwindling and compassion is fading. Distrust and anxiety have clouded people’s minds, causing a regression into primitive ways of thinking. People have grown restless, almost feral. Rituals and mythology have resurged, and the darker side of mankind has begun to reveal itself.

Riese (Christine Chatelain), a wanderer, travels across the decaying lands of Eleysia with her wolf, Fenrir. Marked as a heretic by religious group The Sect and the new Empress, Amara, Riese must evade their assassins and discover their true intentions for Eleysia.

Riese is the Crown Princess of Eleysia, forced to flee into the wilds after her family was slaughtered. She will soon serve as a catalyst for a disparate group of supposed heretics, the Resistance, launching them into civil war.

SGU and Sanctuary Contest Giveaway – Sanctuary is back on Oct 15th!! October 12, 2010

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Sanctuary is back for its third Season — yeah we know! third Season already?? – which starts on Oct 15th.

Syfy has put the show on Fridays – which is a great night and should help the shows to keep great ratings.

In celebration of the Sanctuary premiere ShowMeSciFi.com in partnership with SyFy is having a contest giveaway for some great Sanctuary and SGU stuff.  We should have some tshirts from both shows.

All you need to do to be entered into a random drawing for the giveway is to tell us what you’re most looking forward to for the upcoming season of Sanctuary.

Email us at sanctuary@showmescifi.com and we’ll print ’em all out put ’em in a hat and see what comes out. We’ll pick our winners on Friday Oct 15th -so be sure to send us your thoughts soon!

The season three opener of Sanctuary finds the team desperately trying to find a way to reach Kali to prevent catastrophic tidal waves from killing millions around the world. En route, they receive reports of massive tsunamis heading for the coasts of India, Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula. Ravi continues on to the Sanctuary while Kate frantically tries to warn the authorities in Dharavi to sound the sirens and get their people to higher ground. Meanwhile Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS), aboard the Sanctuary vessel now taken over by a power-hungry Wexford (PAUL MCGILLION), evaluate the horrific destruction around them, caused by Big Bertha’s last magnetic impulse.

Don’t forget to catch the thrilling Season 3 premiere of Sanctuary at 10pm on Friday, October 15th!

The Women of Stargate Universe talk with THE woman of SG-1 October 2, 2009

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As opposed to SG-1, where Amanda Tapping aka Col Samantha Carter was the only female role,  Stargate Universe has three big female roles in the show.

That makes SGU a bit different doesn’t it?

Tapping sat down for lunch with the SGU gals for an interesting conversation for the most part.

They talk about the roles, about their love (or not so much) of SciFi and the role that good music plays in making Science Fiction shows work.

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Sanctuary TV Series Premiere – too weird? October 6, 2008

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First off – in the spirit of full disclosure – we haven’t watched any of the Santuary webisodes first – (yes i know LAME ‘O).

But with Amanda Tapping (Stargate’s Col. Carter) at the helm we had to watch this first episode on the big TV screen. To say the least Sanctuary is a ‘weird’ show.

The basic idea to provide Sanctuary to all creatures is a nice idea – but the streeeeeeeeeeeeetch of having a Victorian era scientist who has been alive for 150 years and who created Jack the Ripper – come on..that’s just a little lame and cliched isn’t it?

Acting in this episode was great and their is no question that there is great potential for this show as there are a whole lot of monsters out there…

Still on the paranormal front we’ve now got Fringe on network TV and let’s be honest here – in a contest between Fringe and Sanctuary what show would you rather watch?

Stargate Atlantis 5×03 : What was that?? July 26, 2008

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The third Stargate Atlantis of season three is all about humanizing Teyla – isn’t it?

I don’t think any of us doubted that she would return to the team..but the writers had to show her agonizing over it – rather than have her made out to be a bad mother that doesn’t think about her newborn baby boy.

The turning of Ronon Dax in this episode was also a bit strange…as compared to other episodes when the Wraith suck the life out of someone – when there are typically awesome special effects of the person getting really old ..there was little of that here and he just seemed to have turned too early.

The best part though was the scene when the Wraith’s hand gets cut off. We had to rewind and watch in slow motion to see who had actually done the cutting. At first we thought it was Ronon (since his turning seemed so unbelievable), but the replay clearly showed it was Teyear.

Last but not least, Woolsey does SUCK. He’s a weak character overall that isn’t a guy you want to hate or like – he’s just lame.

Stargate Atlantis 5×02 : Mr. Woolsey doesn’t suck July 19, 2008

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So the second episode of the new Stargate Atlantis Season Five and the first with Mr. Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo) in command.

We still don’t know exactly why Col Sam Carter was removed officially and it’s annoying that wasn’t discussed. Woolsey who is supposed to be the pain in the butt anti-hero -actually came off as a very weak character in this episode and one that was almost likeable in a way. He’s not supposed to be that way he should have got in the way more so much so that everyone hates him and there is a constant battle between base staff and him. Like this he’s just another Weir or Carter and that’s just not interesting anymore.

As for the wraith tentacles here…how did Sheppard just walk right up to Keller – esp if Sheppard had been cured?? It just doesn’t make sense.

But Beckett is back (again) and that’s a great thing. Too bad Keller didn’t get killed off in this episode so that Beckett could return to his rightful place as THE DOCTOR for Atlantis.

Stargate Atlantis 5×01 Search And Rescue July 12, 2008

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Yeeaaah Baby!! Stargate Atlantis is bAAAACCK!

Solid episode to kick off the season with jam packed end to end action.

Starting off with the the Teyla/Sheppard dream sequence was a very cool to get started. And then of course having two set of rescue teams – Atlantis itself and the Daedelus was great.

I’m not quite sure when the Daedelus became the ultimate super weapon in the galaxy but now with its kick ass Asgard beam weapon it seems to be able to take out hive ships pretty darn easily. That’s not to say there wasn’t some fine battle effects first.

Now as to the plot – what happened to Michael?

There is no way he’s toast (yet).

And what about Col Carter!!! We’ve known for months that she would be replaced by Wolesly but the way the episode ended leaves the reasons all up in the air.

We won’t miss Carter that much though…she was never a strong character on Atlantis and we’ll see her soon enough in Stargate Continuum.

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 starts on July 11th May 21, 2008

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Not far now…. Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis is now set to return to SciFi on July 11th. Early indications based on a number of reports is that we’ll be seeing alot of the Wraith this season.

We’ll also be seeing at least four episode with Dr. Carson Beckett , and we know that Col. Carter will be relinquishing command of Atlantis in favor of Wolesly (Robert Picardo) at some point.

And of course T’eyla (who was pregnant last season) now will have a baby that will get worked into the storyline too.

Richard Woolsey aka Robert Picardo Set to Lead Stargate Atlantis February 5, 2008

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Total and absolute MADNESS. Robert Picard the bald holographic doctor from Star Trek Voyager is set to become the expedition lead for Stargate Atlantis in Season 5.  The move follows Amanda Tapping (Col. Samantha Sheppard)’s departure at the end of the current Season 4.

Having Woolsey in command will  be a constant pain for everyone on Atlantis…

While I don’t mind him in the odd episode – in command of Atlantis itself???


Col. Carter Leaving Stargate Atlantis for Sanctuary February 1, 2008

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We really haven’t seen that much of Carter in Stargate Atlantis Season 4. She’s not much of a hands on commander and she lacks the presence that made Dr. Weir such a compelling character.

Now it turns out that Amanda Tapping (the actress who plays Col. Carter) is set to devote more of her time to the new Sanctuary SciFi series. Apparently she may make some ‘guest’ appearances in Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis.

Will we miss Col.Carter??

I don’t think so. She’s really been a non-factor in Season 4. The braniac role that she filled in SG-1 still belongs to Dr.McKay.

Stargate Atlantis 4×8 The Seer November 19, 2007

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Another neat twist.

So now Atlantis is working with the Wraith to help stop the Replicators who have now turned on the humans of the Pegasus Galaxy (to cut off the Wraiths food supply).

Great stuff and it bring back another Wraith (not Michael) that Sheppard can deal with.

Col. Carter’s handling of Wolesly in this episode though was really bad..she came off really weak and not at all like the leader she should be. So far Carter hasn’t made that much of an impression – hopefully that will change before this season is done.

Stargate Atlantis 4×3 Reunion October 14, 2007

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Another solid episode – once again Ronon shows his true colors AND

Col. Carter FINALLY TAKES COMMAND!!! Hurray!

We also get a nice little cameo from T’ealc. Did we know before this episode that the Wraith could make humans live forever? I think so..but apparently that won’t help heal flesh wounds (so what good is it really?)

Stargate Atlantis 4×2 Lifeline : R.I.P Dr. Weir? October 8, 2007

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What a great episode. They get the ZPM and save Atlantis but lose Dr. Weir – or do they?

We all knew that Weir would be losing command of Atlantis this year -the way she has left leaves lost of possibilities for her return.

Maybe Weir will be a Stargate version of Picard’s Locutus – but this time her mission is leading the replicators against the wraith as opposed to the assimiliation or destruction of humanity. Time will tell.

Not sure why Stargate Command left Atlantis without a commander at the end o fthis episode we all know that Col.Carter (Amanda Tapping) takes over…guess there needs to be some kind of dramatic twist that needs to occur first.