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Stargate Atlantis 5×02 : Mr. Woolsey doesn’t suck July 19, 2008

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So the second episode of the new Stargate Atlantis Season Five and the first with Mr. Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo) in command.

We still don’t know exactly why Col Sam Carter was removed officially and it’s annoying that wasn’t discussed. Woolsey who is supposed to be the pain in the butt anti-hero -actually came off as a very weak character in this episode and one that was almost likeable in a way. He’s not supposed to be that way he should have got in the way more so much so that everyone hates him and there is a constant battle between base staff and him. Like this he’s just another Weir or Carter and that’s just not interesting anymore.

As for the wraith tentacles here…how did Sheppard just walk right up to Keller – esp if Sheppard had been cured?? It just doesn’t make sense.

But Beckett is back (again) and that’s a great thing. Too bad Keller didn’t get killed off in this episode so that Beckett could return to his rightful place as THE DOCTOR for Atlantis.


1. Lisa - July 21, 2008

I still don’t like Woolsey. I want Carter back.

But about Keller and her tentacles…that whole bit reminded me of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale where thorns grow up all around the castle and Prince Philip has to battle his way through to her.

So, in this case, Ronon should have been the one to make it through, since they’ve hinted at a romance between the two. Shepperd already saved his girlfriend last week.

I’m really done with the damsel in distress plots for a while, though. Two in a row is a bit much.

2. Laura - July 29, 2008

I’m pretty sure Sam being replaced is to excuse her and free her up in the timeline of that movie that came out a few months ago. What was it called? Ark of Truth or some such. And isn’t there supposed to be another movie after Continuum (which takes place outside the timeline, so they wouldn’t be excusing her fort that).

3. Laura - July 29, 2008

PS: Really they shouldn’t have killed off Beckett in the first place. They did it just ’cause they could. I say we erase that whole episode from canon and stick Beckett right back in. Maybe some kind of crazy timeline switcheroo would work for this too.

4. Darko - April 2, 2013

I HATEEEEEE Woolsey,i hope hi die in some episode so Carter can return!!!!!!

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