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Sanctuary TV Series Premiere – too weird? October 6, 2008

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First off – in the spirit of full disclosure – we haven’t watched any of the Santuary webisodes first – (yes i know LAME ‘O).

But with Amanda Tapping (Stargate’s Col. Carter) at the helm we had to watch this first episode on the big TV screen. To say the least Sanctuary is a ‘weird’ show.

The basic idea to provide Sanctuary to all creatures is a nice idea – but the streeeeeeeeeeeeetch of having a Victorian era scientist who has been alive for 150 years and who created Jack the Ripper – come on..that’s just a little lame and cliched isn’t it?

Acting in this episode was great and their is no question that there is great potential for this show as there are a whole lot of monsters out there…

Still on the paranormal front we’ve now got Fringe on network TV and let’s be honest here – in a contest between Fringe and Sanctuary what show would you rather watch?


1. Kr311 - October 6, 2008

Sancturay is a paranormal show, however Fringe is morer sciency. So they are quite different. I´d rather watch Sanctuary

2. Jahad - October 15, 2008

ok i believe that Fringe is well plain boring!

i mena come on Amanda tapping was in Stargate and helped it run for 10 years

she also produces Sanctuary as well as acting

ok maybe the first epidoe gets a bit weird but they get better as the series goes along.

I agree with Kr311 Sanctuary is better to watch adn has beter looking actors..

Fringe- i think its time to cut it dont you?

3. Kirk - October 17, 2008

Sanctuary is boring as hell and it won´t get better.

Fringe is a copy of X-Files but with more budget.

4. i'm so - November 13, 2008

sanctuary is boring. i took it off my dvr schedule. and the professor dude looks too much like michael shanks.

5. bob - December 20, 2008

Fringe is just some crappy wanna-be sci fi show. Sanctuary has some really good episodes, but it also has some pretty terrible ones. But Fringe is just boring as hell. Sanctuary all the way here.

6. Andrew KA - February 11, 2011

I prefer Sanctuary myself, although I certainly don’t dislike Fringe. AS a DISH Network subscriber and employee I try to try out as many of the new shows as I can to stay up to date but somehow I missed Sanctuary until somewhere about halfway through the second season. Then I had to go back and watch the earlier episodes, I have to say it did start out kind of slow but it got so much better. I recently upgraded to HD too (after a long period of procrastination) and love how vivid the CG and other special effects look now. The picture quality is so pristine and DISH has the most HD of any TV provider so I feel like I have a ton of shows that I want to re-watch now. Sanctuary is near the top of that list.

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