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Riese coming to SyFy in new Riese: Kingdom Falling Steampunk makes the jump from web to TV October 13, 2010

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A webisode based series can make the jump to TV. Just ask the producers of the steampunk phenomenon Riese.

SyFy will begin airing Riese:Kingdom Falling on October 26th

““We saw Riese and thought they had done just an amazing job, and then we were able to give them some resources and bring Amanda on board to really help them take the series to the next level,” Craig Engler, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Syfy Digital said in a statement. ” I think new and existing fans will love the relaunch of the series on Syfy.com and enjoy all the new additions.”

Eleysia is a dying kingdom where resources are dwindling and compassion is fading. Distrust and anxiety have clouded people’s minds, causing a regression into primitive ways of thinking. People have grown restless, almost feral. Rituals and mythology have resurged, and the darker side of mankind has begun to reveal itself.

Riese (Christine Chatelain), a wanderer, travels across the decaying lands of Eleysia with her wolf, Fenrir. Marked as a heretic by religious group The Sect and the new Empress, Amara, Riese must evade their assassins and discover their true intentions for Eleysia.

Riese is the Crown Princess of Eleysia, forced to flee into the wilds after her family was slaughtered. She will soon serve as a catalyst for a disparate group of supposed heretics, the Resistance, launching them into civil war.


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