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Stargate Atlantis Season 5 starts on July 11th May 21, 2008

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Not far now…. Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis is now set to return to SciFi on July 11th. Early indications based on a number of reports is that we’ll be seeing alot of the Wraith this season.

We’ll also be seeing at least four episode with Dr. Carson Beckett , and we know that Col. Carter will be relinquishing command of Atlantis in favor of Wolesly (Robert Picardo) at some point.

And of course T’eyla (who was pregnant last season) now will have a baby that will get worked into the storyline too.


1. Drama_Mama - June 17, 2008

Me and my friends are huge fans of stargate atlantis, and my friend asked me one day, ” Do u think that Shepperd and teyla should date?’ I told her I don’t know so maybe they should , they would make a great couple!

2. Heather - June 19, 2008

With this and Continuum just around the bend I am incredibly geeked for a new season of Atlantis, especially with the way Season 4 ended. It’s turned into one of my favorite tv shows.

3. Deaths - July 6, 2008


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