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Stargate Atlantis 5×03 : What was that?? July 26, 2008

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The third Stargate Atlantis of season three is all about humanizing Teyla – isn’t it?

I don’t think any of us doubted that she would return to the team..but the writers had to show her agonizing over it – rather than have her made out to be a bad mother that doesn’t think about her newborn baby boy.

The turning of Ronon Dax in this episode was also a bit strange…as compared to other episodes when the Wraith suck the life out of someone – when there are typically awesome special effects of the person getting really old ..there was little of that here and he just seemed to have turned too early.

The best part though was the scene when the Wraith’s hand gets cut off. We had to rewind and watch in slow motion to see who had actually done the cutting. At first we thought it was Ronon (since his turning seemed so unbelievable), but the replay clearly showed it was Teyear.

Last but not least, Woolsey does SUCK. He’s a weak character overall that isn’t a guy you want to hate or like – he’s just lame.


1. Lisa - July 29, 2008

I am so peeved that the Chairman won’t be back again since they’ve killed off Teyear. Oh wait, no one ever dies on Atlantis, so who knows.

I’m torn about the Teyla thing. As a mom myself who went right back to work (and had no doubts that I would), it was still difficult. I’m looking forward to seeing how her baby daddy is to be the stay-at-home parent while she’s the breadwinner.

I had to rewind the hand-lopping-off scene too! I also thought this was the episode where Ronon loses his dreds, but I guess not.

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