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The Women of Stargate Universe talk with THE woman of SG-1 October 2, 2009

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As opposed to SG-1, where Amanda Tapping aka Col Samantha Carter was the only female role,  Stargate Universe has three big female roles in the show.

That makes SGU a bit different doesn’t it?

Tapping sat down for lunch with the SGU gals for an interesting conversation for the most part.

They talk about the roles, about their love (or not so much) of SciFi and the role that good music plays in making Science Fiction shows work.

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1. Mindaugas - October 4, 2009

Bring back Atalntis 😉

2. morningerection - October 18, 2009

Interesting conversation. I could not see the video but I could listen to the audio. I would have liked to sit in on that convo.

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