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Stargate Atlantis 5×12 Outside – where did the Balarans go? October 19, 2008

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Lots of double and triple crossing going on in this episode.  And where did Dr. Beckett come from? Last we saw him he was being sent back to Earth for testing and now he’s a regular again? when did that happen?

Also a few story continuity problems in this episode.

For one – all the balarans were round up by the Wraith in front of the gate – but we didn’t see them when Col Sheppard and crew came back to the gate fighting – where did the Balarans go?

For two – where did the balaran that pointed out Beckett go? we never saw him killed!

And lastly – though this is just a question – what about Todd and Michael? How do they play into the hothan plague at this point?

All told this was another solid episode that kept our eyes peeled on the screen from beginning till the end.

Stargate 5×10 – First Contact – Who are those guys? September 27, 2008

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Always great to see Dr. Daniel Jackson – and Todd the Wraith is an awesome character too…big question here is

Who those armored dudes? Are the descendants of Janus? Ancients? Other Pegasus Galaxy sentients??

Does the Atano device (the field that destroys Wraiths hyperdrives) destroy all stargates throughout Pegasus too?

Lot of questions for sure. No doubt Col.Sheppard survives the blast in the gate room that’s easy..the other questions not so much.

Let’s make a few guesses here – the armored dudes are in facts directly connected to the Ancient Atlanteans somehow (maybe robot shell for their consciousness?) and let’s also assume that any gate that was activated during the time the device was activated was destroyed (which would mean many but not all gates in Pegasus are now gone).

It will be Todd (not Sheppard) and Ronon that will save Jackson and McKay, making for yet another interesting twist..

Stargate Atlantis SO5E09 – May The Best Man Win September 20, 2008

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Another great Stargate Atlantis episode – the runner concept has always been a great one in Atlantis and now we see another Runner – hazzah!

The fact that he has a ‘heart’ and is trying to save a little girl is also great but the uber plot – the content of McKay and Ronen for Dr. Keller that’s off the charts.

We know from the version of the future that Shepard saw that Keller ends up with McKay but still we also know that Ronen has a thing for Keller – not usually the kind of social interplay that we’re loooking for in good SciFi but it sure is entertaining isn’t it?

Stargate Atlantis 5×08 The Queen September 13, 2008

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Long Live T’eyla Queen of the Wraith!!!

What a great episode from start to finish. First the proposal to wean the Wraith off human feeding is an awesome idea..though similiar to how in SG-1 they weaned the Jaffah off the symbiots..it just makes sense.

The ‘double cross’ making T’eyla Queen of the whole Wraith Alliance though was just a really neat an unexpected twist that just made us go – WOW.

But a question – how did Todd get the respect of his own hive without a Queen ? Sure we know he said he hid the issue from others hives..but on his own ship?

with 12 episodes to go till the series ends – we’re going to make a prediction. T’eyla will re-appear as Queen of the Wraith – the Atlantis plan to get the Wraith onto regular food will work and we’ll end up with three factions – human feeding wraith, food feeding wriath and michael’s hybrids.

Stargate Atlantis 4×12 Spoils of War January 13, 2008

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Though i didn’t think the last episode was a ‘cliffhanger’, there were a few unknowns left..like what happened to the Wraith hive ships?

Well now we know.  We also now know how the Wraith defeated the ancients ultimately which was shear force of numbers.

An entertaining and plot advancing story that was enjoyable end to end. And finally I think that Tayla will take a break too! And no doubt the Wraith ‘friend’ Ty will be back..though personally i’m curious whatever happened to Michael the Wraith? Maybe we’ll see a showdown between the two which really would be neat.

Stargate Atlantis 4×8 The Seer November 19, 2007

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Another neat twist.

So now Atlantis is working with the Wraith to help stop the Replicators who have now turned on the humans of the Pegasus Galaxy (to cut off the Wraiths food supply).

Great stuff and it bring back another Wraith (not Michael) that Sheppard can deal with.

Col. Carter’s handling of Wolesly in this episode though was really bad..she came off really weak and not at all like the leader she should be. So far Carter hasn’t made that much of an impression – hopefully that will change before this season is done.

Stargate Atlantis 4×3 Reunion October 14, 2007

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Another solid episode – once again Ronon shows his true colors AND

Col. Carter FINALLY TAKES COMMAND!!! Hurray!

We also get a nice little cameo from T’ealc. Did we know before this episode that the Wraith could make humans live forever? I think so..but apparently that won’t help heal flesh wounds (so what good is it really?)