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Stargate 5×10 – First Contact – Who are those guys? September 27, 2008

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Always great to see Dr. Daniel Jackson – and Todd the Wraith is an awesome character too…big question here is

Who those armored dudes? Are the descendants of Janus? Ancients? Other Pegasus Galaxy sentients??

Does the Atano device (the field that destroys Wraiths hyperdrives) destroy all stargates throughout Pegasus too?

Lot of questions for sure. No doubt Col.Sheppard survives the blast in the gate room that’s easy..the other questions not so much.

Let’s make a few guesses here – the armored dudes are in facts directly connected to the Ancient Atlanteans somehow (maybe robot shell for their consciousness?) and let’s also assume that any gate that was activated during the time the device was activated was destroyed (which would mean many but not all gates in Pegasus are now gone).

It will be Todd (not Sheppard) and Ronon that will save Jackson and McKay, making for yet another interesting twist..


1. Lisa - October 1, 2008

I have to now go rewatch the ep. because I don’t remember gates being destroyed. I do remember Wraith ships being destroyed when they activated their hyperdrives, though.

Shep is still alive — we saw him in the previews at the end of the ep. I thought that was kind of sloppy, but maybe it was intentional.

Love, love the Todd. Christopher Heyerdahl the same actor who plays Halling. It was great to see Jackson show up again too.

I do agree that the armored duded have to have some close connection to the Ancients.

2. Kr311 - October 1, 2008

Big Spoiler, read only if you do not want to be distrub!

The armoured guys are indeed ASGARD!!!! Nobody saw that coming; however, a leak has confirmed it:

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