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Stargate 5×10 – First Contact – Who are those guys? September 27, 2008

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Always great to see Dr. Daniel Jackson – and Todd the Wraith is an awesome character too…big question here is

Who those armored dudes? Are the descendants of Janus? Ancients? Other Pegasus Galaxy sentients??

Does the Atano device (the field that destroys Wraiths hyperdrives) destroy all stargates throughout Pegasus too?

Lot of questions for sure. No doubt Col.Sheppard survives the blast in the gate room that’s easy..the other questions not so much.

Let’s make a few guesses here – the armored dudes are in facts directly connected to the Ancient Atlanteans somehow (maybe robot shell for their consciousness?) and let’s also assume that any gate that was activated during the time the device was activated was destroyed (which would mean many but not all gates in Pegasus are now gone).

It will be Todd (not Sheppard) and Ronon that will save Jackson and McKay, making for yet another interesting twist..

Stargate Atlantis SO5E09 – May The Best Man Win September 20, 2008

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Another great Stargate Atlantis episode – the runner concept has always been a great one in Atlantis and now we see another Runner – hazzah!

The fact that he has a ‘heart’ and is trying to save a little girl is also great but the uber plot – the content of McKay and Ronen for Dr. Keller that’s off the charts.

We know from the version of the future that Shepard saw that Keller ends up with McKay but still we also know that Ronen has a thing for Keller – not usually the kind of social interplay that we’re loooking for in good SciFi but it sure is entertaining isn’t it?

I want to have Lunch with Jewel Staite on the set of Stargate Atlantis April 18, 2008

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But it will cost me at least $750 !!

That’s the current next bid up for the charity auction now underway — to have lunch with Jewel Staite on the set of Stargate Atlantis itself. The charity site lists the actual value of the ‘lunch date’ to be $1000.

Includes: Lunch with Jewel Staite on the set of Stargate Atlantis. Valid for 2 people, for one year, based on availability.

Best known for her role as Kaylee, the sweet, happy and sensual ship’s mechanic on the critically acclaimed sci-fi series Firefly, Jewel Staite is the newest addition to the Stargate universe. Already a veteran actress at 25, Staite began her career at the age of 9. Finding success early on, she earned both Gemini (Canadian Emmy) and Canadian Television Film and Showcase Award nominations for her work on the Disney Channel series Flash Forward with Ben Foster.

Check out the bidding for yourself and if you got the creds…by all means BID (and send us pics when you win!!).

Stargate Atlantis 4 x20 Last Man Standing March 8, 2008

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lastman.jpg Gotta love future timeline alternate realty stuff.

48,000 years into the future too..the end of T’eyla, Carter and Ronan ..(are we done here?) .


The producers easily could have left us hanging just on Sheppard’s return to Atlantis..but they didn’t ..again another sign that this is a finely written show and one with alot of respect for fans.

Sure having the team stuck in a booby traps building at the end is kinda lame..but you know they’re all coming back.

We don’t know quite how Carter will exit the show (we do know that she loses command in Season 5). We don’t know if McKay will actually hook up with Dr. Keller (Jewel Staite)..but hopefully he will.

We do know that Season 5 will be a showdown of wraith factions and the Atlantians…and should be a real battle royale.

Farewell for now Stargate Atlantis..we’ll be waiting for your return!

Stargate Atlantis 4×16 Trio (aka Keller wants to get busy with McKay) February 9, 2008

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trio.jpgBasic cliched Stargate episode where the team is trapped and they need to get out.

Where the cliches break down though is with Dr. Keller (Jewel Staite).

She’s one BUSY woman…

First she hooks up with Ronon know she’s interested in McKay.

Who’s next??

Stargate Atlantis 4x 10 This Mortal Coil December 9, 2007

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mortal.jpg“Oh Crap…”

In a season when every episode has been great, this episode of Stargate Atlantis was stellar. Replicator grown version of the key Atlantis members? O.k that’s interesting.

A replicator civil war? huh that’s neat.

The return of Dr. Weir? Cool..

Massive replicator fleet? wowza

We’ve got so many moving parts here..it’s a vastly more complex tapestry then Stargate SG-1 ever had in its years of battle with Ga’ould. The big question in this whole episode however…where was Col. Carter? If there is one disappointment in season 4 so far it’s the low profile Carter has had overall.

I can hardly wait the 4 weeks till the next episode