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Fringe – Amanda Graystone is a SOUL vampire March 18, 2011

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Caprica’s Amanda Graystone – aka actress Paula Malcomsom does a fine role playing another tortured sole in Fringe.

But how did she come back from the dead in the first place? And why was the bomb blast enough to kill her? Was it really her destiny to save everyone on the train?

a bit odd, but hey we loved it.

As for Olivia (ann Torv) doing the Leonard Nimoy William Bell voice — that’s kinda cool…but werid how she’s interested in Astrid.

Caprica – End of Line for Season 1, Amanda Greystone and Maybe the Series? April 5, 2010

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The final episode of Caprica Season 1 before its mid-season break was easily one of the best episodes — if not the best episode – of Caprica so far.

Too bad the rest of the season has been sooo slow. It has been so slow that we taped this episode a week ago but only bothered to watch it now.

Big stuff happening all around in this episode – Amanda Greystone commits suicide – that was a shocker.

Joseph Adama’s assistant – the former doctor from Stargate SG-1 – turns out to be his helper in V-world and trick his daughter into killing him off.  That was powerful too.

Then there is the Cylon killing poor lab boy – another swift shocker.

All this going on with the backdrop of Greystone loosing the military contract. Great stuff all around, no shortage of drama and action.

Let’s hope that Caprica does come back and SOON. Currently the plan as we understand it is not to have Caprica return until the end of the year. That’s frakking nuts in our opinion. This show has just now started to gain real traction and we want more – alot more.