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Terra Nova CANCELLED!!! FRAK YOU FOX!!!! March 6, 2012

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No surprise is it?

Remember these are the same douche bags that cancelled Firefly and the same scum bantha poodo that keep Fringe on the air (wtf happened to Fringe? that show is unwatchable now). and hey a year ago we predicted that Fox would do this – cause after that’s what they do, they cancel great shows.

Terra Nova was just starting to get good too.

the final episode of season 1 however wasn’t a cliffhanger, it was a decent (though not complete)  ending.

Hope Plaza was destroyed – though we did have that mystery…of how a ship for Earth’s past was found in pre-history – we guessed that it was just the Bermuda Triangle, but now we’ll never know..

Unless of course we get Terra Nova in novel or comic book form…



Terra Nova: What Lies in the Badlands? It’s the BERMUDA TRIANGLE PEOPLE!! December 27, 2011

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Terra Nova’s first (and likely last) season is now done. The two hours season/series finale was a fun tour-de-force with all the great element that make this show work.

dinosaurs, heroism, a little sexual tension..the dad that won’t leave his kids..

But let’s cut to the chase…

What is in the Badlands? They found the remains of an 18th century ship?…and the Phoenix people all run to it when they thought they were cut off from the future?

It has to be the BERMUDA TRIANGLE or some other kind of second gate/portal to the future.

Yeaah it’s that obvious.


Terra Nova : Sky is the Spy? November 29, 2011

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Sky is the sixer spy.


We didn’t see that one coming and her mom is still alive too. That’s a great twist especially after Josh had made a deal with the Sixers too.

Now the whole Enemy Mine (remember that movie?) thing was kinda neat too, Taylor and Mira aren’t all that different…but we did learn more about the future in.2149 with the seccessionists…what was that all about?

Terra Nova – It’s all about stealing from the past to feed the future November 28, 2011

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Ok so now we know what Terra Nova is all about.

Col. Taylor had to kill his own commanding officer in order to preserve the ‘Hope’ of Terra Nova, as a new birthplace for mankind, when the reality is that it was just supposed to be a resource for the future to pillage.

We also finally understand that the Taylor’s son is the one behind the drawings on the cliff and the only one that really knows how to create a two way bridge to the future.

Sure this show progresses at a sometimes painfully slow pace, but it’s still entertaining and slowly but surely the plot is thickening. What’s not clear though is whether or not FOX has the cojones to keep this show on the air..remember this is the network that cancelled Firefly after all.

Terra Nova – So far, so good. November 4, 2011

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Long story short, we like Terra Nova.

The characters are real, the acting is great and the show holds our attention for the hour that it’s on every week.

We\ve got some decent insight into the workings of the colony in the 4 episodes we’ve seen so far..and lots of good stories about the ppl that live there.
We know about the sixers, but we don’t know what their deal is. We know that they can communicate with the future but we still have no idea what their beef is with Taylor.

As for the future..except for the first episode we’ve seen nothing. Let’s hope we see some future flashes soooner rather than later.



Terra Nova – is this the next great SciFi series that FOX will Cancel? March 1, 2011

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We’re not fans of FOX here.

They cancelled Firefly after all –

They also cancelled Sarah Connor Chronicles — though they had good reason..(the show sucked)

In May Fox is set to try their hand at SciFi again with Terra Nova.. Jason O’Mara from Life on Mars is a lead character ..and he’s a great actor so we’ve got our fingers crossed