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Terra Nova CANCELLED!!! FRAK YOU FOX!!!! March 6, 2012

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No surprise is it?

Remember these are the same douche bags that cancelled Firefly and the same scum bantha poodo that keep Fringe on the air (wtf happened to Fringe? that show is unwatchable now). and hey a year ago we predicted that Fox would do this – cause after that’s what they do, they cancel great shows.

Terra Nova was just starting to get good too.

the final episode of season 1 however wasn’t a cliffhanger, it was a decent (though not complete)  ending.

Hope Plaza was destroyed – though we did have that mystery…of how a ship for Earth’s past was found in pre-history – we guessed that it was just the Bermuda Triangle, but now we’ll never know..

Unless of course we get Terra Nova in novel or comic book form…



FOX Killing Fringe slowly – moving it to Friday DEAD ZONE November 23, 2010

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Fringe is a great show, which is why it is so shocking that FOX is killing it off.

Oh they’re not killing it like the cowards at SyFy that cancel a show midway through a season then don’t air the final episode..

No FOX has a special kind of hell for Fringe

The hell called Friday night. No SciFi show ever survives the Friday night timeslot and Fringe won’t be the first.