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FOX Killing Fringe slowly – moving it to Friday DEAD ZONE November 23, 2010

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Fringe is a great show, which is why it is so shocking that FOX is killing it off.

Oh they’re not killing it like the cowards at SyFy that cancel a show midway through a season then don’t air the final episode..

No FOX has a special kind of hell for Fringe

The hell called Friday night. No SciFi show ever survives the Friday night timeslot and Fringe won’t be the first.

Fringe – The Aruba War – aka the Pen is mightier than the … October 7, 2010

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A simple item like a pen can set off a chain reaction that ends up with three (or more) people dead?


Fringe has a neat- super plot – but the minor episode plots are still amazing. The whole concept of a human being able to calculate all the permutations and combinations was a great concept.

We also learned more about the mirror Earth.

Apparently there was an – Aruba War  – (remember the homeless guy on the street? he had a sign that said Aruba War veteran — guess the battle was over who had the best beach..)

And we know that they’ve got some serious air quality issues too.

Olivia is falling apart in the mirror universe and she will crack soon….