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Fantastic Four is DEAD. Long Live FF! March 5, 2011

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We haven’t been huge followers of Fantastic Four over the years…

But the fact that we knew that the series was ending got us interested (again) we picked up Fantastic Four with issue #584 and we’re glad we did.

The end of The Human Torch in #587 was sad – but is he really dead? we never actually see that..do we?
Then again in #588 we do see Anihilus with Johnny’s torn 4 jersey..
How about #588? has there ever been a better issue of Fantastic Four? This is an issue with few words…and lots of emotion.

The artwork is brilliant, conveying the depth, drama and emotion that words simply could not.

The final pages with Spiderman – and the recollection of his Uncle Ben – also brilliant.

Now we know that that is the end of Fantastic Four – but the beginning of FF ..
Will we buy FF#1 ?


This is a new version of a classic team, and hey Spiderman in white? We wonder how long that will last…

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