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FlashForward – Jericho Caused the Blackout?? May 21, 2010

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So we finally reach D Day that day that the FlashForward are supposed to have occurred and (some) things are as they should be.

The biggest surprise for us though – is the chase to try and figure out who triggered the blackout.

No where did we have a previous hint that it was Jericho – but it kinda/sorta makes sense in the end esp wit the whole President getting killed thing – or does it?

And was Jericho paying Simon and Lloyd?

Guess we’ll have to wait until season two to find out!


1. james - May 22, 2010

this show didnt get renewed for a second season, so i guess we wont find out

2. Reneya Myshell - May 22, 2010

im sooo sad! they should quit some other show, but not flash forward! its soo awesum! it givs me hope 4 the next week. and actually makes me start looking forward 2 thursdays, instead of fridays! I love flash forward,and idk wut ill do without it

3. Kitty S - May 23, 2010

It stinks we will never get to see this whole story play out…. another great show lost.

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