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FlashForward – Janis Hawk is a Double Agent April 30, 2010

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There was no way Janis Hawk would betray her country…

She’s a double agent working for the CIA.  Huzzah!

But how far will she go? Will she kill Mark Benford?

Even though we saw this coming, what an amazing twist. There is so many layers in this show it’s astounding it just gets better every week.

FlashForward Janis Hawk is the mole!! WOW wHAT A twist! April 8, 2010

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What an amazing twist!!

Who would have ever thought there were two moles in the FBI – and that Janis was one of them — or is she?

Maybe she’s playing us all – then again maybe not.

She did after all identify suspect zero and many other important parts of the case. She was also shot by the same hit squad that went after the rest of the Mosaic team.

Still it was amazing to see Marcie get nabbed as the mole, but first go nuts shooting up the office – only to be stopped by the double agent.

Flash Forward – kissing Lesbians, the U.S President and the most awesome episode yet. Gimme some truth baby!! October 23, 2009

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The fifth episode of Flash Forward ‘ Gimme Some Truth’ was another awesome episode.

Yes, there is a Lesbian revelation and a Lesbian kiss – ok (that’s the resident Lesbo left: Janis Hawk played by beautiful actress Christine Woods)

Moving beyond that we get to understand how the LA FBI office is tied to the White House in a deeper conspiracy than perhaps even the black out.

On the black out we get more intel into what happened in Africa in 1991

And how about that ending? Chinese Triad mobsters shooting our FBI heroes, and the FBI shooting right back.