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Stargate Universe Episode 6 Water – What was that alien sand man? October 31, 2009

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sgu Another decent, but not great episode. Water follows other monosyllabic episode names like light and darkness..and wonder what’s next.

The Destiny loses half of its water and the command staff is checking the crew to see who has taken ..what??

That was dumb. What did Lt. Scott see on ice world (Hoth as Eli called it) when he saw the sand-man? what was that?


But how about Choloe and Lt. Scott still shaggin? and then Lt. Vanessa ‘hooters’ James had a nice moment ..but still cheesy. In the first episode she was with Scott in the cleaning room after all..seems kinda dumb.


This episode did have better pacing than prior episode and the dual plot lines kept up engaged. That said, this show sooner rather than later does need to pick up the pace.

We can’t have every episode as the search for something they’re missing. We can’t have every episode about Chloe and Lt. Scott. We need to see more of Destiny too.

In Stargate Atlantis it too a while for the base team to explore the whole ship. How come they haven’t explored Destiny yet? There has got to be some cool stuff on that ship that we haven’t seen yet.


1. Nushibo - November 1, 2009

Anyone think that the sand, knew destiny or the crew was going to the ice world, and they were on the desert with nooo water, so they followed then onto the ship, or it was a coincidence.

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