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Asimov’s Foundation coming to the Big Screen? Harry Seldon predicted it October 13, 2009

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foundationOne of our favorite series of all time is Issac Asimov’s Foundation.

Both the original Foundation, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation and then the latter Foundation’s Edge series which tied foundation together to R. Daneel Olivaw the Robot.

In a real sense it was Asimov and The Foundation series that ignited our life long love of SciFi and comics too.

Back in the early 80’s our Favorite comic book store was one called Foundation Comics at Yonge and Lawrence in Toronto.

BUT ENOUGH of that.

A Hollywood adaptation of the Foundation is coming to the big screen at some point in 2011.

In an interview replicated over on SciFi Wire the new director Roland Emmerich doesn’t come off sounding like a total doorknow — though he is clearly a frakkin nugget.

“When you read it [Foundation], … you see all of a sudden how many other science fiction sagas it has influenced, you know? From Star Wars to Dune, all these things are pretty much influenced by Foundation, which was the first of its kind. Which poses a little bit of problem, but it’s definitely something … which you can sink your teeth in. And I was very happy that it became available.”


1. Harry Seldon - October 19, 2009

Looking forward to seeing this movie !

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