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Fringe – Agent Francis The Shapeshifter shot in the head October 8, 2009

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Finally we know what Leonard Nimoy – william bell – told Olivia in the parallel universe.

yeaah it’s a little weird – a war is coming powered by shapeshifting biomechanical hybrids that have mercury in their veins.

And yeaah now we know that someone else knows that Peter belongs on the other side.

But the thing we’ll miss most is Agent Charlie Francis. Sure he’s actually been dead for a while since the shapeshifter took over the body, but still.

The character was a great one a friend for Olivia and another agent in the FBI that had some personality.


1. Eric - October 9, 2009

This is the second time in three weeks you’ve given away a major plot point in the headline of a blog post the day after an episode airs. Not every has a chance to watch the show the night it airs…could you PLEASE put up a spoiler warning instead of just announcing these things in the headlines?

2. scififan - October 9, 2009

NO! Don’t listen to that jackoff. It’s only a spoiler before the show airs.

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