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Will Wheaton on Big Bang Theory – A Star Trek Wrath of Kahn FEAST October 19, 2009

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big.bang Wil Weaton aka. Wesley Crusher of Star Trek The Next Generation, made a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory tonight.

It was hilarious


Turns out Sheldon had a vendetta with Wheaton because Wheaton didn’t show up to a Trek Convention in 1995.

So Wheaton end up at a card tournament at the comic book store, and Sheldon and Raj end up facing off against him in the final. The funny part wasn’t so much Wheaton, he was ok.

the funny part was Sheldon with his Star Trek Wrath of Khan lines (and yeah he reminded that Wheaton wasn’t in that movie).

The final twist with Wheaton lying to Sheldon about why he didn’t make the 1995 conference was AWESOME.

And yeah this episode was better than the one with Summer Glau.


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