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Stargate Universe Light – Did Rush Know About Destiny’s Solar Collectors? October 24, 2009

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sgu Episode of Stargate Universe – Light -was kinda/sorta interesting.

Yes it SUCKS that Chole didn’t hook up with Eli.

BUT the whole thing with Destiny going through the Corona of a star to recharge was kinda neat – and also obvious.

What bothered us about this episode was how most of the crew just seemed so hopeless. No one was really doing anything. How come no one went to investigate the power source of the Destiny?

More importantly did Rush know?

We think he did.

Know with full solar power again in the Destiny doesn’t that mean the ship’s stargate has enough power to dial Earth?

It makes sense the Destiny can self-replenish its own power, after all the ship has been flying for millions of years. It makes no sense that no one asked the question about what powers Destiny before.


1. MorningErection - October 25, 2009

I have to say that I enjoyed this episode. I truly did. I particularly liked when the one soldier floored the other soldier with the butt end of his weapon. That was quick and precise and I never saw it coming. Great stuff. I was also too tired to realize what now seems obvious about the sun recharging Destiny. This may be a little harsh but I was sorta hoping the shuttle would not be recovered. Hope it continues getting better.

2. Tom Taylor - October 27, 2009

Did Rush know or was he just being an asshole as usual in the mess ? Dunno.
Yes chloe was a little whore to go off with the pilot and not with Eli, especially as she’d been leading him on so much in the last few episodes.

At the moment i’m finding all this ‘documentary’ style filmning with the little balls, and this black guy sitting naked on his bed, other guys playing poker and rush reading his book…. its all abit too much. What happened to samantha carther getting stught right in there re-jigging the flux capacitor to save all ? Instead the crew just waits to die like lemmings.

I read other posts about big specifical effects budgets… erm… dunno how they think that when 95% of each episode is set in the same set as the last.. the ship ! At least in SG1 and SGA they had to buy / rent medival sets to use alot of the time.

3. red - October 27, 2009

“At least in SG1 and SGA they had to buy / rent medival sets to use alot of the time.”

LOL. No, they didn’t. They had just ONE medieval village set which was redressed once in a while, but nothing major. The Destiny set itself is more complex and expensive than any set on SG-1 and SGA and the quality of the cinematography and VFX has been outstanding so far.

4. Tom Taylor - October 27, 2009

“The Destiny set itself is more complex and expensive than any set on SG-1 and SGA”

2 Coridoors, 1 main window room, 1 gateroom, 2 bedrooms… am i missing anything else ?
Also mostly dark during the filming… classic as they get away with cheaper effects / props.

5. Katie - October 28, 2009

The set is gigantic, that room where they normally all stand is really big compared to previous SG, and there is all the special effects for whenever you see anything outside the ship, like when they are on the observation deck.

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