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Stargate Universe Episode 4 – Darkness – LAME!! October 17, 2009

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sguAnother slow episode – yeah Eli is still great and the whole shower thing was funny too.

The communication stones aspect is interesting and the tension with Col. Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips) is kinda neat.

But the episode was slow and it didn’t make sense

Why weren’t they looking for the ship’s power generator?

Why didn’t they have teams at the SGC helping them with schematics or SOMETHING to try and figure out how to gain control of the ship.

It just doesn’t make sense


1. morningerection - October 18, 2009

Like you I am still waiting for the show to get interesting. If it wasn’t for Eli I don’t think I would continue watching. Also I’s like to see him end up with the Senator’s daughter, but he’ll wind up upset because she will be interested in the guy – Lt. Scott I think is his name. Keep hope alive!

2. ODA - October 18, 2009

I’m afraid I totally agree. What’s wrong with these producers? Ruining Battlestar Galactica in the last season, now Stargate? We all are a little philosophical and care about the big questions of the Universe, but, take a look at the first 3-4 episodes of either Stargate SG1 or Stargate Atlantis. They were full of life, action, clear lines, and some mystery was ok. What, I think, we want to see is human creativity, perseverance, overcoming the odds, at the same time valuing the human person and friendship. Also, compare the special effects of “Atlantis Rising” vs what we’ve seen so far in SU. Lame, indeed.

3. AJ - October 24, 2009

I am enjoying SGU so far although it would be nice if they cut out the vignettes with people talking to the camera. Hey, its not a reality show. Also I think the stones are a contrivance so they can “phone home”. It would have been more interesting if they figured out over several episodes how to call home though a low power connection via the stargate (can communicate but cannot transport matter) or some such. The stones are just too convenient. So far we have been watching what are serialized episodes even though each has it’s own story arc and I think this is what is making it feel slow. I just hope they don’t figure it all out to soon, then we’ll just have Stargate Voyager.

4. Erik - October 25, 2009

I suspect like “Caprica” (upcoming Battlestar Galactica prequel series) it will be more of a nighttime character drama based in a SciFi universe rather than a good SciFi series. At least that’s the “feel” so far…

This BS of trying to lure in a broader audience and ruin multiple series that would otherwise have great potential for their current fan base is a real slap in the face. The fact that it’s becoming a trend means that the likelihood of a series being produced with the Quality of SG-Atlantis or the first couple seasons of new BSG is low…

Let’s get to Rush & Eli figuring some systems out rather and getting something going on instead of only figuring things out in the nick of time in the particular episode they suddenly need to (contrived and predictable – not the least bit intriguing to “we” the previously loyal audience). Smacks of ST-TOS which might seem like a good idea, but what we’ll put up with from a 40-50 year old series that was fairly original for its time is not suitable for a series being produced today.

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