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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #28 Vector #4 May 29, 2008

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The fourth and final issue for Knights of the Old Republic’s Vector story arc is pretty decent issue.

Though we’re not fans of the really caricature/cartoony style of art – the panel flow here was great.

From a plot perspective Celeste becoming an instrument of the Sith and then being entombed on the planet is cool.

Obviously she’s going to reappear in the next Vector installment which should be in Dark Times – i’d bet that after having been stuck in that thing for a few thousand years she’s not going to be too happy when she gets out.

As far as KOTOR goes – finally it looks like Zayne has got is posse together and he’s going after the Covenant. FINALLY.

Next issue should be a real keeper!

Star Wars Vector #3 Knights of the Old Republic #27 May 9, 2008

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Alright! This is starting to really make sense now.

The Muuir Talisman is a Sith artifact that controls the Rakghouls…

The talisman is the key that I bet will exist throughout the Star Wars timeline and the Sith are the lynchpin.


Zayne Carrick is shown to be a real goofball in this issue which is also neat and something that I think we should see more of overall. More humor would be great too.

And the fact that Celeste is working for the Covenant…no surprise but great stuff too.

Vector started off a little slow and the last issue wasn’t great, but I see where it’s going now and I’m excited!

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic # 24 December 31, 2007

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  We’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Knights of the Old Republic. It started off well then got pretty aweful about a year ago but the last 5 issues have been really solid.

Issue #24 is another great issue and marks the solid return of this title to its initial glory. Finally Zayne comes back to the Jedi Tower on Taris..yet another Jedi admits that Zayne didn’t kill the padawans and we hear more about the prophesy that set this whole series in motion.

The art which had been lopsided for a while is and has been solid for the last 5 issues as well and this issue overall was great and enjoyable read.

This series now is set to move to its next phase…as the birthplace of the first Star Wars comics crossover event ever with Vector.

My guess is that Vector will somehow relate to that initial prophesy that set KOTOR in motion in the first place. The great Jedi seer somehow saw deep into the future with both the events of her time, that of the End of the Republic and further out into the Legacy era itself. It’s a massive vision that Dark Horse will try and weave with Vector. I’m glad that it’s beginning in KOTOR.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #23 December 4, 2007

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Not a great issue, but not bad either.
The plot moves along as Zayne avoids death (again) at the hands of one of the guilty Jedi who actually did kill padawans. It wasn’t a particularly strong scene in this issue, but it worked.

Really that’s the best way to sum this issue up – it works to move along the plot. This whole arc on Taris winds up next issue so all the characters need to be in their proper positions…and that’s where they’re going…

And perhaps from a wider perspective, the introduction of Cassus Fett as a strong Mando’ade is key here…we all know that eventually Fett will become the Mandalore and generations that follow with the Fett name will carry the title too…(like Boba Fett in Legacy of the Force).

Knights of the Old Republic #22 Zayne Returns To Taris November 14, 2007

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A new story arc begins..and so far..so VERY VERY good.

After 21 issues and almost two year Zayne finally comes back to Taris which is now under the control of the Mandalorians…why it has taken this long..don’t know but it’s neat to see it now.

A nice balance of resistance fighters, Mandalorians and past intrigues in this issue that set the tone for this new arc.

Artwork in this issues is consistent – which is good – since past issues have been week in the art department.

If you’ve been avoiding KOTOR..this might be a great spot to jump in and ENJOY.