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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic # 17 June 12, 2007

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Keeper of a terrible secret, addled inventor Camper spent most of his life running from Adascorp, the most powerful organization on his homeworld of Arkania. Now he lies gravely ill aboard the Arkanian Legacy, the colossal flagship of the corporation, his life in the hands of its owner-Lord Adasca! Does the young lord really intend to cure Camper and make amends for his predecessors’ relentless hunt of the old man?

After 17 issues, I’m not sure that i ever really cared much about Camper at all. This new storyline brings some relevance to him and apparently will also shed light on his big secret. What is it? Who knows – I can’t even speculate since this series has been so awful lately.

Artwork continues to be a problem with characters continuing to be drawn totally differently from issue to issue. I guess DArk Horse isn’t doing much quality control on this book.

The cover art is also misleading – they never do threaten to leave Zayne behind – but i do like this new approach of pulling out a cell and making it a cover.

KOTOR still is the weakest link in Dark Horse’s Star Wars lineup – we still don’t have a clue – 17 issues later what’s going on with Zayne and the deaths of his fellow padawans. Maybe that’s something the writers are stringing out in hopes to maintain readership. Personally i’d much rather see some kind of big resolution and then move on.

This issue is neither better nor worse than issue number 16 – here’s to hoping that eventually someone at Dark Horse will either get the message or kill this series.


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