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Donate to Strange Horizons – Support Science Fiction! August 6, 2009

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We’re fans of  Strange Horizons here at ShowMeSciFi.com – it has had consistently good science fiction content – and it’s free!

But Strange Horizons needs our help – they’re doing some fund raising now to help keep the site and its online science fiction publications going.

Our little experiment has been more successful than we could ever have expected. We’ve published exciting new material every week since September 2000, and the material in our archives includes fiction from popular authors such as Jo Walton, Elizabeth Bear, Tim Pratt, Sandra McDonald, Jay Lake, and John Scalzi. Stories and poems from Strange Horizons have been reprinted in major anthologies and been shortlisted for major awards, but even after all of that success, we haven’t lost our focus on encouraging new authors. This year alone, we’ve published half a dozen stories from authors who had submitted to us for the first time!

As successful as we’ve been, we still need your help to keep our magazine going. Strange Horizons relies on donations from readers in order to stay in business. We’re trying to raise $7000 in the month of August, and we’re hoping that you, Dear Reader, will help us reach that goal.

You can donate by clicking HERE (redirect to Strange Horizons donate page)


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[…] Donate to Strange Horizons – Support Science Fiction! « Show Me SciFi […]

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