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WordPress Tags – now fixed! huraay! January 22, 2008

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wordpress.jpgYou don’t know what you got till its gone..

Over the weekend my site (and a few others ) that are hosted here at were mysteriously removed from the global tagging setup (

Today (tuesday after a long weekend in the US) the Tags are back and boy are we thrilled.

WordPress Tags are a critical ingredient to the success of WordPress, this blog and many others. It gives us a place to see like minded posts (or at least subjects) in the area we blog about. It gives us traffic and in term we give it traffic. It’s a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

Sure there are Technorati Tags – BUT WordPress Tags are superior in many ways. For one they work just for the WordPress community (so it’s easy to comment on each others material). Unlike Technorati Tags WordPress Tags 99% of the time work – with Technorati after several years of blogging we still don’t show up.

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU staffers for fixing the issue whatever it was. appreciates your efforts and worships the Tags you walk on.


ShowMeSciFi Hits 200,000 Views October 14, 2007

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Thanks readers! Earlier today we marked a new milestone for this little blog – 200,000 views!

So to everyone that has ever visited this site, to those that have commented and to those that subscribe via RSS:


May The Force Be With You

Live Long & Prosper


Thank You!