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Painkiller Jane – CANCELLED! August 15, 2007

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Yes Kristanna Loken is awesome. BUT Painkiller Jane on SciFi really really really sucked.

And now the network if finally admitting it too and canceling the series after just one season.

Will anyone miss it though? I watched two or three episodes but then ran out of bags in which to heave my disgust.

Why did it the show fail?

Easy – there was no plot.


1. Virgilius Sade - August 15, 2007

It doesn’t matter whether it’s something like Boogiepop Phantom where it jumps between timelines and all, everything needs a plot to cling to. Even when it seems random.

2. Cristel5 - May 25, 2008

If you ask me,somebody throw in that.It’s better for you are anyway in first in that SciFi,but i see another thing they want for you “contract for your life” I have an advice for you :leave your staff and find a reall professional and your life can change.You are superb and nobody compare with you,but you know that,from a reason or another you will not leave your staff but i want to remember, they need have care of you, not you of they.It’s your reign,but you need to be patience and say no there when you not like, and nothig can stand against you!
For the Warrior Princess,the superb Kristanna Loken(the new brilliant)
Cristel5 RO.

3. Noble - April 1, 2009

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