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Star Wars The Force Unleashed – Secret Apprentice is like a Dark Luke Skywalker September 21, 2007

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“No Jedi in history has ever used the force the way that the secret apprentice uses the force …he’s a force wrecking ball. He’s unstoppable

– Sam Witwer LucasArts

Star Wars The Force Unleashed is the next BIG game from LucasArts (and its coming for the Wii too).

In a recent production video (linked below), LucasArt big wigs give some color on the characters in the game.

The big five characters:

The secret apprentice that’s the character you play in the game

Juno Eclipse – she’s the love interest and is an imperial pilot that ferries the appretice around the galaxy

General Koda – a hardboiled Jedi Master

Proxy – the droid sidekick

Darth Vader

In the video, the game’s production lead describes the Secret Apprentice as a Dark Luke Skywalker – what Luke would have been like had he joined Vader.

Check out the full vid below ENJOY!


1. expandeduniverse - September 22, 2007

Awesome. Really looking forward to this game. I hope the Wii controller takes full advantage of the potential here.

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5. MBH - October 26, 2008

it was a fun game but i beat it in like 8 hours… i wish it was longer and a bit more challenging… plus, i hate the end! other than that it’s a really really really good game!!!!

altho in a way i’m kinda glad it was short because now i can focus on school for the week and not the game… but still! i wish it was longer… or there was a sequel to this game with the same characters… but oh well…

best star wars game i have ever played! and one of the best wii games i have ever played… between this and zelda twilight princess!

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