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Serenity 2 (Firefly) Not Just a Fanboys Pipedream October 8, 2007

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Apparently the runaway success of the special edition of Serenity has led to talk of a Serenity sequel.

Alan Tudyk (he’s the dude that played the pilot Walsh and got speared by a Reaver) told movie site that a sequel may happen.

“They had to put the new DVD out because they’ve been selling out of the other one [the DVD that isn’t the ‘Collectors Edition’] and so Universal’s like ‘So, let’s do another one’”, he says, adding “And now… there’s now a chance there’s going to be another movie”.]

Let’s hope they call it Return of the Browncoats or something like that and have it be a full out battle with the browncoats taking back what they lost at Serenity.

Firefly was cut short by Fox and was not properly marketed as a movie by Universal – maybe a direct to DVD flick is the answer – i don’t know. All i know is that Firefly fans WANT MORE.


1. Virgilius Sade - October 9, 2007

Alan Tudyk was also known for his appearance on Dodgeball and voice-acting on I, Robot.

2. expandeduniverse - October 9, 2007

Not to mention A Knight’s Tale, Into the West, Knocked Up, and the recent 3:10 to Yuma.

I’m really hoping that this will happen.

3. Virgilius Sade - October 14, 2007


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