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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles 1×3 January 21, 2008

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Alrighty the pilot is out of the way so now we’re into the regular stuff and so far it’s not that great, though it did have some neat plot developments.

In the pilot Summer Glau (Cameron)’s Terminator was a believable teen – hey she fooled John Connor and he’s trained to locate Terminators. In this episode she was rigid, robotic and entirely unbelievable as a normal teen.

Oh and what was with that girl that sat next to John in science class? (before Cameron came in) ..she clearly knew John ..she’s gotta be a resistance fighter from the future or something.

The resistance fighters subplot is really a great idea and clearly they’ve been sent back from the future to hunt down skynet themselves. Who built Skynet is the big question in this show..unlike T2 and T3 there is a question in Sarah Connor Chronicles.

OHH and with all the hype behind this series FOX is already dropping the ball – an hour after the show FOX still didn’t have a listing for the episode up on the show’s website. Compare that with Stargate Atlantis for example where each week’s episode is listed the week before – to give the fans something to look forward to and a name for the episode. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope FOX is planning on stranding us the way they stranded Firefly.


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