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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles – Riley is from the Future November 24, 2008

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I did not see that one coming.

Riley is from the future – go figure.

Then again – John Connor so far has been a mega whiney BEAATCH so why would any woman want to be with him unless it was her mission? kinda makes sense but still a real nice surprise and the first great plot twist so far this year.

Ohh and Cromartie is back – but now he’s John Henry – the future SkyNet.

The overall pacing in this show is wrong — it’s deadly boring in parts and then you get the big plot twists – it sure could use some better editing and overall production direction to create a tighter pacing.

Still, the show progresses and it’s progress (slowly) but nicely isn’t it?


1. Hector the Injector - November 26, 2008

As I posted previously Cromartie is dead, this is just a new program installed in the body of what was once the killer, action packed and at times humorous Cromartie. Now it’s basically a child Cromartie, it doesn’t have the self-awareness yet, it’s just a highly advanced AI platform. I’m with you though; I didn’t expect Riley to be from the future. It’s an interesting plot twist yet somewhat un-necessary as well. As for the show moving along a little slow, remember this is a television series, not a movie. We don’t have the luxury of the pump, pump, and quiver. They need to milk this stuff out as long as they can, and to be honest I’m starting to loose interest. Everyone seems out of character, first John wants to fight now he doesn’t. Sarah is tough yet makes a lot of stupid mistakes. Is she sick? Is that why she is obsessed with these dots? Lastly I can’t stand Jesse, she is a hedonistic, self-centered cow and she is just using Derrick and Riley to get to John. I guess she wants to get rid of Cameron because she is an ignorant bigot. Cameron is there to teach John how terminators work, think, calculate and how to destroy them (i.e.; the ship). Lets just hope is doesn’t continue to decline or it will be canceled.

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