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The Third Lynx (Quadrail) by: Timothy Zahn REVIEW February 2, 2009

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thirdlynx We really enjoyed the first Quadrail novel from Timothy Zahn – Night Train to Rigel – This second outing isn’t quite the trip the first one was, but still a great ride.

The coral group mind, the Modhri is back this time collecting some art objects and desperately seeking the Third Lynx.

Our hero Frank Compton once again is well written and fully fleshed out as are the other characters. We spend a lot of time with Compton trying to figure out what’s going on as he figures it all out.

This time around the plot isn’t as cohesive – the characters spend most of the book looking for the third lynx but in the end does it really matter? Seems kind of foolish to me the way this story concludes.

That said, Zahn is an amazing writer and the Third Lynx overall is a fun, engaging and entertaining read. This is the second Quadrail book and without a doubt we’re hooked and will be ready any/all/every Quadrail book that Zahn puts out.

The basic tennant – that there is an interstellar train system controlled by a benevolent force –that is under attack (silently) by a group hive mind is just such an awesome premise – that no doubt there is a lot more to go till this trip is finally over (or at least we hope so!).


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