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Stargate Universe Comic-Con trailer – Stargate turns into Star Trek Voyager July 24, 2009

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A new trailer for Stargate Universe is now out ..this one showing us the basics of the story that we haven’t seen before.

The Earthers are on Icarus base – sounds like a beta site idea – and they fall under attack – jump through an open gate and end up on an ancient ship 7 billion light years from Earth.

Sound like they ended up in the Delta Quadrant..

anyways a cool trailer to watch and we can hardly wait until the series is finally on – WE NEED OUR STARGATE FIX!!


1. Bjørn - July 29, 2009

7Billion LY away from earth is not in the delta Quadrant

2. Jahad - August 5, 2009

i had my doubt but this trailer clears it up for me…now every time i change my mind and raise my expectations..ypu you gussed it they get shattered….or do they?

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