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Battlestar Galactica : The Second Coming. The Best BSG Movie We’ve Never Seen September 18, 2009

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Ron Moore’s re-imagined Battlestar Galactica was great show until the final episode, but still we wish for the original don’t we?

As it turns out Richard Hatch (the original Apollo) tried in 1999 to get a new SG series on the air that would maintain the original 1978 show’s canon and history.

He apparently had 30 minutes of final footage which has never been shown publicly. But there is also a 4 minute trailer that give us a taste of the greatness that it could have been.

Many of the original BSG actors are in this and the SFX aren’t too bad either. I wish that Hatch would release the final 30 minutes, I’d pay to see it and I’d bet millions of other fans would too.


1. Guy Ingocnito - October 4, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, i love scifi, but i love good movies, this would not make a good movie. Watching a tubby Richard Hatch squeeze into his old uniform and camping the dialogue up would only work if it was satire.

It was the Premise of the original BSG that made it endearing, the actual show was never near as good to bring into the millenium without a major overhaul. Which they did. And i think Richard Hatch’s character in the new series that was was lot more dignified for his career than the one he was proposing with that face palming trailer.

But still we wish for the original don’t we? , do we. If you want the original , watch the original. The world has moved on since the 70’s. There’s nothing wrong with nostagia, but once you take them rose tinted specs off the memories arnt so sweet. So lets just leave the original be, Move on and stop living in the past.

2. iosomewhere - October 15, 2009

@Guy Ingocnito,

I couldn’t disagree more with you !
Yes,we wish for the Original,with the Original actors,characters and the storyline to continue.

Richard Hatch looks great in his role as Apollo,and sure he still fits the role. His Character matured,and many younger actors would have taken the active and action parts in this,something like the next generation.
Boxy and Appolos son.

I think Harrison Ford showed us very well that age has nothing to do with a good story and movie,if you consider that. Indiana Jones is a good example !

This would not only make a good Movie, but a much better TV Show, watching the trailer just shows me how much love in this project went. And leaves me and many others wanting more.

These days movies are not as good mostly as they used them to do.
Action and noise, they mostly do not take the time to develop and good story and characters. With a few exceptions.

What Hatched showed us was a lot of respect to the Canon, and the Series and the continuation of what many want to happen !
Your mentioned overhaul is not needed, why always change what we love and what is good ?
Some things need to be timeless, with a natural progress and evolution of what’s there !
We want the original and we watch it, and we want more ! And the memories aren’t only sweet with those glasses on…they still are when I watch the series again….top notch. Something like that, with that quality you can’t find often on TV these days. And good shows just get canceled. Firefly was one of them.

So yeah,I agree with you on the last point,
We want to move on, and not just live in the past,
so help us,and make a new show with Hatches vision happen !

Want that Galactica,second coming !

Great show that would be, best to come in years.

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