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Matt Smith is an Amazing Doctor Who – Eleventh Hour one of the best premiere’s of ALL TIME April 30, 2010

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Yeaah we’re a little late to this party. But we finally got around to watching the The Eleventh Hour
– the premiere of Matt Smith as Doctor Who.

What an amazing episode, what a fantastic Doctor Who!

Humor and strength with some amazing charisma, Matt Smith is astounding.

The segment where the anzati see all the Doctor’s incarnation in a bubble and then he tell them – I’m the Doctor, Now Run – WOW.

The new companion – with the whole little girl thing – another brilliant stroke. This is a companion that has loved the Doctor her whole life, this will be one fun ride and since we’re late, we’ve got a few episode now we can watch back-to-back to catch up.

If you haven’t seen the new Matt Smith Doctor Who – stop reading this and get it now!!  (Amazon has it on demand : The Eleventh Hour)


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