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Stargate Universe (SGU) Season 2 – Incursion – TJs Baby October 1, 2010

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was a fine way to start the new season of SGU.

Tonnes of action.

Lots of drama

Great Acting

Haunting music.

What more can we ask for?

TJ’s baby being safe on the outcast planet is a great subplot storyline that will yield some interesting results. The Aliens that saved her baby (that live in the nebula like cloud?) are likely some kind of ascended beings…likely Ancients (or Atlantians?)

Having the ex-Leutian alliance ppl on boards as kinda/sorta friendlies is also a great twist that will further heighten the drama. So we’ve got Earther’s, Leutians, civilians and military. Nice.

The Stargate franchise has lasted as long as it has for only one reason – the writers keeping find ways to keep the show fresh. With SGU season 2, they’re off to a great start.


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