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Caprica – Unvanquished – so is Amanda Graystone dead or not? October 9, 2010

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So Caprica is finally back – with –Unvanquished no this was not a fantastic episode.

First of all, it feels like we’re missing something ..in between the final episode of season one – before the 1.5 start – greystone still controlled his own company and Amanda Greystone jumped off a bridge.

Now Daniel lost his company – ok we see that..but how? and now whats the deal with the Tauron mafia?

Amanda Greystone is dead right? Sister Clarice is just visiting her in holobands…she must be right??

Overall, this was a boring episode with little to no action (blowing up the Caprica stadium was kinda neat) and the drama was disconnected.

Die-hard fans like will stick it out, but after such a weak premiere for season 1.5, we doubt this show will gain any new converts.


1. james - October 9, 2010

amanda’s alive. Otherwise how would daniel be sending her video messages?

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