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Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Ascension : REVIEW. Vestara is a Bitch November 10, 2011

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The fate of the Jedi series has been up and down so far.

With Ascension we get some of the most kriffing nonesense plot elements ever and also some of the best. This book overall is a mess in terms of having any real credibility in terms of plot and dramatic progression. The again what should we have expected?

The first book in the series, Outcast saw Luke Skywalker exiled from Coruscant. Now in Ascension he’s back…and then he exiles all the Jedi from Coruscant.

The Backlash second book was ok, Allies was also ok,  Vortex was great and Conviction sucked arse.

****SPOILERS AHEAD ***************

How does Abeloth get Gavar Kai to fire on his own homeworld? that made no sense. How did Kai get others to join him? also made no sense. How and why did he end up on that other planet? Also no sense.

Vestara Killing him? Now that was great, so at least we don’t have to hear that whiny bstrd anymore.

But how do we go from the Lost Tribe wandering to having them in control of the Senate? in like what the span of a month or two? That makes no kriffing sense at all. Abeloth voted in as a Senator? well that i could see coming, but the Sith…i dunno.

The population going along with the imprisonment of Leia? I dunno about that either.

Daala magically getting her own fleet? Another pile of nonsense. But the twist where we thought Head of State Fel was dead was kinda neat.

We will say this…the book ended well. We’ve got Abeloth in control of the Senate, Vestara proving that she is a Sith Bitch after all and a showdown setup where the Jedi will come back and kiss arse.




1. Maarkean - November 11, 2011

Yeah, that about sums up my impression of the series. The Sith in the senate made no sense at all. Really, much of this series doesn’t make any sense. Which explains why I’m only getting these from the library. First SW, post trilogy, series that I haven’t purchased.

2. Bored-Michael - November 15, 2011

Are these books worth the time to bother with even from the library? I haven’t bought any since Invincible and don’t really have much of an interest in rereading any of my old ones that are up in the rafters of the garage these days (knowing what happens…) but I’m going out of town for about three weeks.

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