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Star Wars : Knight Errant Deluge #5 – The Dehydrated Hutt January 22, 2012

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20120122-224714.jpg We’ve finally gotten around to reading the final issue of the latest Dark Horse Knight Errant title, Deluge #5 and it’s a real treat.

Kerra returns to save Daiman’s homeworld from being flooded by Zodoh the Hutt…yeaah it’s strange Kerra saving Daiman–but it’s really all about the ppl right?

In any event, a decent story, though the ending of how one ship was able to crash into Zodoh’s capital ship and destroy it…is a little unbelievable.

The final ending of Zodoh though is a bit dark..with Daiman using Zodoh’s own tech against him to end the hutt’s life…somehow fitting.

Well that’s it for Knight Errant until June when the next series – titled Escape – takes off and we can hardly wait.


1. Nick - January 23, 2012

I miss reading Star Wars books and comics. Darth Plagus the wise sounds like a good one. Also check out my sci-fi articles, which one of them is “Ladies of the Force”

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