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Will Kara Find Her Parents? We’ll find out in Star Wars Knight Errant: Escape #4 September 12, 2012

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We’re back!

and to kick things off this week are a pair of what should be really great titles.

Star Wars Knight Errant: Escape issue #4 is out..

this series is now near the end..we know that Kara has been discovered, but will she find her family….we’ll see…

The other big title this week for us is another John Jackson Miller one..(dude is busy..)

Star Wars Lost Tribe of the Sith : Sprial #2 is out this week too.

Having set sail on a prisoner vessel to uncharted territories, a rebel and a stowaway princess find themselves in a losing battle with their crewmates against a society of strange self-proclaimed exiles. When they are taken in by the exiles, new opportunities for power within the civilization pique their interest. The rebel recklessly takes the first opening to go after a guarded weapon he believes could upend the entire tribe of Sith!

Sounds like good fun to us…

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Star Wars : Knight Errant Deluge #5 – The Dehydrated Hutt January 22, 2012

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20120122-224714.jpg We’ve finally gotten around to reading the final issue of the latest Dark Horse Knight Errant title, Deluge #5 and it’s a real treat.

Kerra returns to save Daiman’s homeworld from being flooded by Zodoh the Hutt…yeaah it’s strange Kerra saving Daiman–but it’s really all about the ppl right?

In any event, a decent story, though the ending of how one ship was able to crash into Zodoh’s capital ship and destroy it…is a little unbelievable.

The final ending of Zodoh though is a bit dark..with Daiman using Zodoh’s own tech against him to end the hutt’s life…somehow fitting.

Well that’s it for Knight Errant until June when the next series – titled Escape – takes off and we can hardly wait.