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Star Wars : Darth Bane Dynasty of Evil – Is Bane Dead? March 1, 2010

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Darth Bane Dynasty of Evil is the third  – and final book in the Darth Bane Trilogy. We’ve previously reviewed Darth Bane Path of Destruction (in 2006) and Darth Bane Rule of Two.  The first two books were among the best Star Wars books ever written.

Dynasty of Evil is a good book – but it’s not as incredible as the first two. This book does tie in all the great elements of the first two books as we get a little flashback of Bane/Des as a gloomwalker and the big deep core battle with Jedi in the second book.

We already know about Bane and his apprentice – what we get in this book is the build up and the final confrontation between master and apprentice Darth Zannah. That’s what the rule of two is all about – one to have the power the other to crave it.

The plot follows a typical Star Wars mold with multiple subplots that all merge at the end for one big climax. The Bane going to get Darth Addendu holocron plotline was the weak link and was a plodding exercise to read.

In contrast the Zannah subplot was a lot more interesting as she finds a potential apprentice.

The final confrontation though is what this book is all about. Zannah vs Bane. Master vs. Apprentice.

Yes it’s an epic battle that every Star Wars fan should read.

But it leaves us with some questions doesn’t it?

Is Bane actually dead? Or did he somehow manage to transfer some part of himself to Zannah?

It’s clear that Zannah triumphed — but we think that Bane is still in there somewhere…

Star Wars Darth Bane The Rule of Two (Review) February 10, 2008

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 Darth Bane the Rule of Two is easily the best Star Wars book we’ve read all year (mind you we’re only 5 weeks into 2008 at this point).

Drew Karpyshyn continues the tale he began in Darth Bane Path of Destruction . Whereas the first book had some basis in well known Star Wars canon and Dark Horse comic books – this book really carves out some very new and unkown territory.

 Karpyshyn is a gifted writer and his prose is smooth – leading to an incredibly satisfying page turning experience.  Bane is still the dark brooding Sith lord as always, but now we get insight into his apprentice Darth Zannah.

As opposed to most other Star Wars tales where the Jedi are the heroes — here the Sith are the ‘heroes’. The Jedi are seen as weak. Their lightsaber skills inferior. Their command of the Force – incomplete.

The final confrontation in the end of this book (without giving away too much) is AWESOME. But also dissapointing in some ways too. At some points in the story we get the story told from the Jedi point of view. But when it comes to the final battle – it’s very one sided — in more ways than one.

The first book Darth Bane Path of Destruction is still a superior book to this one – the plot in that book is richer, the Sith more complete and Darth Bane’s transformation is among the best Star Wars tales ever told…as such this book Rule of Two had a tough act to follow.

That said..Rule of Two is a MUST READ for all Star Wars fans. It expands the expanded universe in a critical era and most importantly…it’s a great read.