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The Mystery of the Missing NASA Moon Rocks January 22, 2012

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The only moon rocks that ever were returned to Earth came from NASA. And it has been NASA’s mission over the last 40 years to protect those rocks..

Much like NASA’s failure to protect manned space flight launch capability, NASA has failed in its responsibility to keep track of all of its’ moon rocks as well.

“Although such losses at any time are regrettable, and NASA agrees with the I.G. report that continuing to improve certain procedures could reduce the rate at which they occur, the benefits to science of making these samples available for study have vastly outweighed the tiny risk of loss,” a NASA spokesman in Houston, William P. Jeffs, said in a statement.

The whole story is up over on the New York Timesand it’s a fascinating read

NASA Shoots For the Moon With Constellation Program October 30, 2007

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NASA announced Tuesday which agency centers will take responsibility for specific work to enable astronauts to explore the moon. The new assignments cover elements of the
lunar lander and lunar surface operations. The agency also announced work
assignments for Ares V, a heavy-lift rocket for lunar missions.

“NASA’s Constellation Program is making real progress toward sending
astronauts to the moon,” said Rick Gilbrech, associate administrator for
Exploration Systems, NASA Headquarters, Washington in a statement . “Work on our new fleet of rockets and spacecraft, Ares I and Orion, is already well under way. With these new assignments, NASA will launch the next phase of its exploration strategy – landing crews and cargo on the surface of the moon.”