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Star Trek Online Turns 2 February 2, 2012

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We were excited when Star Trek Online first came online – but something happened over the last year. We got bored. It’s well known that playing as Klingon sucks in this game and hey who doesn’t want to be a Klingon.

The game is supposed to soon be getting btr…and perhaps even more important — it’s now Free to Play. We suspect that Free to Play will help keep this game alive another year, maybe two but no more. So if you haven’t tried this out yet, you should cause it’s free and time it likely running out.


Star Trek Online Now Online – but it’ll cost you $150 a year to play! February 3, 2010

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Star Trek Online is now out but it’s not all that cheap to play— though the gameplay is sweet.

Amazon has the game for just under $50 -which is not bad BUT be warned fellow MMORG newbies – you need to pay a monthly fee too.

In all that monthly fee – even at the best current rate will still cost you over $150 a year – which means if you want to play Star Trek Online for the next twelve months it will actually cost you at least $200 ($50 for the game and $150 for the online subscription).

We’re not fans of monthly subscriptions. We are fans of star trek. Atari must be run by the Ferengi or something.

Gameplay though looks awesome – and Zachary Quinto (aka New Spock) is in the game too – though watch the video below where he explains his role -and how he’s not really a gamer himself since he has a life.

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Star Trek ONline looks…like…VICTORY for KLINGONS ..Q’uplah Kahless! December 2, 2009

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Just saw this new trailer for next years Star Trek Online – which will be the first MMORPG for Trek.

At first it kinda/sorta looks like a bigger version of Star Trek Armada (remember that game? it was fun wasn’t it?)