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Review: The Orville S2E3 Home – aka Goodbye Alara and Thanks for Pickles January 10, 2019

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Ok spoiler first. Alara is leaving the show.


Now for the show review – we love Orville and this was very different than the first two show so far this season (S2E1 JALOJA was SOOOO good). This time though we get yet another character story, this time about security officer Alara.

It was nice to see her home world/ and the dramatic twist with the house guests. The drama really peaked when Alara’s dad was forced to put his hand in the boiling pot.




At first we though ok, the guy just didn’t like the ladle, but then it got dark — and good. Till that point a boring show.

The FINAL Alara send off was also kinda cheesy, but the gift ..wow a jar of pickles…a throwback to the pilot when she opened the jar of pickles for the captain.




Ok so Alara is gone but we get another of Seth McFarlan’s buddies to join the show. This time it’s Patrick John Warburton  – aka the voice of Joe from The Family Guy.