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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Missing – aka Dr Pulaski and Dr Crusher Hug it out.. December 26, 2014

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Missing is another piece of the post-Fall puzzle – and a highly enjoyable piece at that.

This is the post-Fall new DS9 -yup the same era as the Quark eNovella we recently reviewed – but this is a more serious book.

DS9 is still getting its footing back, but this story isn’t about the station as much as it is about Dr. Crusher – who in this book is the Chief Medical Officer (after Bashir left / now with Section 31) – all part of the ruse Beverley created along with Jean-Luc in the Fall.

Crusher meets up with Dr. Pulaski (CMO of Enterprise in Season 2) and that’s a key theme in the story – so too is the return of Odo – and oh yeah – more insight into the secretive Tzenkthi.

Overall – The Missing is a FANTASTIC book and one that we consumed in less than a day , because it was such a great page turning story.