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Battlestar Galactica : Starbuck is a Cylon! January 22, 2007

Posted by showmescifi in Battlestar Galactica, battlestargalactica, scifi.

NO I’M not 100% sure..but i just watched the first episode of the second half of season 3 (episode title “Rapture”)…which was a fine episode btw…and now Lucy Lawless’ cylon (D’eanna) has seen the final five cylons (before she gets whacked).

She nods and apologizes to one of them as though she has done them wrong – at first i though it must have been president roslyn but after seeing the last 5 minutes when Kara Thrace (Starbuck) apparently had visions of the eye of jupiter her whole life…well…nuff said she’s a cylon.

Doesn’t anyone wonder why she’s the ONLY ONE who can fly the cylon raider?

Doesn’t it seem like she can kick a litle more ass than she should be able to?

She’s the best pilot AND sniper,

Cylons seem to know an awful lot about her, almost as if maybe they actually made up all her memories and know about it.

Why was she seperated from the other baby machines in the farm episode?


1. sfdsfds - November 19, 2007

RDM and Katee Sackhoff have both said multiple times that Starbuck is NOT a Cylon nor is she a hallucination.

2. Shanezz - December 4, 2007

I think it’s too obvious to say she’s a cylon. I believe the makers want us to believe that. Ever think she might have used are emergency exit to get out of the viper before it exploded?
I think Andrea here is more in the right direction, towards believe Starbuck might actually be a god. Or the prophecies might not have been talking about Roslan being the dying leader who will lead them to earth, but about Starbuck seeming to be dying at the end of Maelstrom but then finding earth.
Season 4 will be the last season of BSG, let’s enjoy every minute of it!

3. charlie - February 6, 2008

ok – so lets spell this out. BSG is a real world Sci-Fi show – meaning. People are human. These are no super heros, no powers, starbuck isnt a god (and if they make her one i will be seriously disappointed with the makers of this wonderful show). The thing that makes this show a sci-fi show is the cylons. as we know cylons are the ONLY life form on this show that can come back to life. That is abundantly clear. Now – in regards to Kara i.e. Starbuck. She died. She had a mental breakdown suffered hallucinations and bit the big one in front of us all. Then she came back to life. Since the world they live in is comparable to ours and they have they same physical attributes as us, they are in fact human, it would make sense to say then, that the only way Kara could have come back to life is if she is a cylon. There is no other explanation. All 5 of the final cylons were revealed at the end of season 3. I cant believe there is even speculation that she wouldnt be.

4. dsfsfs - February 14, 2008

^Incorrect. BSG has shown a number of “magical” elements – such as the prophecies, Roslin’s visions, Helo and Sharon having a baby.

Kara is NOT a Cylon. It’s way too obvious of a choice, and also the writers have said themselves that she is NOT a Cylon.

5. Dapple - February 23, 2008

My best guess is that Starbuck is a Human/Cylon hybrid. Reasons that this would make some kind of sense are as follows:
– Tigh(who is a Cylon) could be Starbuck’s father. They have the same temperements, they’re both alcoholics. During one of Tigh’s flashbacks we see him with a woman just before he is re-instated as a Captain. For some reason I think that that was Starbuck’s mother, it would fit in with the time-frame.And it’s not really that hard to see Tigh having a one-night stand
– In the episoe “Maelstrom” Starbuck wake’s up from a bad dream at the same time as the half-human half-cylon baby,Hera.
If Starbuck was also a Human/Cylon hybrid it would mean that they have some kind of connection.
– If Starbuck truly was a Cylon/Human hybrid then it would explain why the Cylons have such an interest in her. And why at the start of season 2 when Starbuck is rescued from the farm, Athena says to Starbuck ” you’re different” and ” The Cylon’s Know about you”

Mabey I’m just looking into this way to much. I don’t care if Starbuck is a cylon or a hybrid or some kind of angelic being, I’m just glad she’s back.

6. Totemicwolf - February 28, 2008

Admiral Adama is the 5th of the final 5. What a twist that would be… Off topic abit, anyone noticed that the 13 tribe went to earth about 3000-4000 years ago. Recorded history here is only about 10,000 years give or take. We’d be like 6000 years or so in the past when the BSG arrives… just a thought.

7. Dapple - March 2, 2008

You know how ,because of the writers strike, only 13 of the final 22 episodes are made right now? Well I just heard that the final 9 episodes might not be made at all, I know that all the contracts were signed and all but they think it’s going to be, as they put it, “cut short”. I hope to god that this is NOT true but they also said – quote- “until someone from the studio says otherwise, them’s the breaks”. Frack-ity frack frack frack. Tell me it ain’t so, I’m probably just over-reacting, but if it is the truth then I’m going to shoot somebody.

8. sdfsdf - March 9, 2008

^ It ain’t so. Production has officially resumed. They intend to complete all 20 episodes.

9. Dapple - March 14, 2008

Thank the gods. Anyway I have been doing some research and I now think that Laura Roslin is the final Cylon, and that Starbuck is some kind of ascended being, like the original Starbuck in the original series. Or mabey Baltar is the final Cylon, he was a Cylon in the original, but then again. Argh! So many questions.
And what makes it SOOOOOO much worse is that I don’t have the channel that Battlestar Galactica is showing on, which means that I’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD, which could be in 2009.
I just can’t wait that long!

10. sdfdsfs - March 21, 2008

^ You could always use youtube. Are they still offering episodes on ipods?

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