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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic issue # 14 March 14, 2007

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This series is really starting to suck quite badly.

While Knights of the Old Republic started out as an awesome new series it has steadily declined in quality over the past few months. This most recent issue was totally pointless, poorly written and has artwork that is totally mundane and lackluster.

This issue is the second issue an story arc that began in issue #13 . I had high hopes at the time that this might finally kick it up a notch. I am sorely disappointed.

Zayne should be hunted down by all sides, there should be sith, jedi and mandalorians at ever corner. Instead there is a boring, plodding and altogether predicable slow plot that just keeps meanering along.

I’m at the point where I can no longer recommend this series to the casual reader – I’ll keep buying it myself so i can review it on ShowMeSciFi – so if anything does happen and Dark Horse turns this around – this blog will be the first toast and cheer for its return to glory.


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2. barron - May 16, 2007

lol..ur a jakc ass man there should be this and that….what book co do you right for?

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