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Star Wars Legacy – Is Darth Krayt a Jacen Solo descendant? March 29, 2007

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Star Wars Legacy which has often been reviewed here on ShowMeScifi is one of the best comic books today and likely the best Star Wars comic book series ever created.

Set far beyond any other Star Wars series -the only lineage connection we’ve had so far is Cade Skywalker – a descendant of Luke.

But what about other Star Wars family trees? Dark Horse Editor Randy Stradley recently tackled that topic in a letter to the editor q&a.

1. Are we going to learn what happened to the Solo family of this time?

There are no plans for an exploration of the Solo lineage for the forseeable future. We’re not in denial about them, it’s just that there isn’t a place for them in the story. Yet.

2. Any chance of running into any other descendents of of any other Star Wars Characters?

Oh yes my friend. Oh, yes.

4. How long are we going to have to wait until we learn who Darth Krayt is under the mask?

The answer will be revealed in issue 15.

Jacen Solo is set to become a to be named Sith in the upcoming Star Wars Legacy of the Force Sacrifice book .

My guess is that Darth Krayt is a descendant of Jacen Solo.

Anyone want to take that bet?


1. darth who - January 6, 2008

the vong give krayt a new arm and take out his eye. this is the best issue of legacy yet. so much is explained.

2. Darth 'ric - January 21, 2008


3. Darth 'ric - February 19, 2008

is issue 19 out yet?

4. JEDI MASTER SIFO DYAS - February 19, 2008


5. ODA - February 19, 2008

Wow…I saw that, how can it be? Then Cade has a sister!

6. mik - February 21, 2008

So how about Vector and the Clone Wars movie? Who do u think Cade’s mom is, the intelligence agent or the Moff who is in charge of intelligence? We know that one is impersonating the other for sure. And Cade may not have a sister if both people are real just that one is portraying the other.

7. Darth 'ric - February 29, 2008

Whoa!!!!!!!!! I read 19, but i didn’t think Corde and Calixte were the same person (I mean, Corde’s hotttttttttttttttt)! I just figured she somehow got the holo and said run because she was going after cade. Also, how could she transform from Corde, there are obvious differences (age, etc.) and I don’t see how that much makeup could work.

8. mik - March 6, 2008

Has anyone read Revelation yet? I bought it but Im currently reading Vision Of The Future right now. Revelation seems awesome Mandalorians take on Jacen Solo and the Imperial Remnant.

9. Darth 'ric - March 23, 2008

I just got it. Please tell me it’s not all Mando fighting and everything. I kinda tried to skip over that in Sacrifice. Also are the NSO in it?

10. Sith-lord - March 24, 2008

back in april 21st last year Karan Traviss said Jacen Solo will kill three people of the skywalker/solo clan, we know mara was the first, does anyone know who the other two are going be,

My gess is Luke and Han.

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